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Matthew initiated Timberline Training to educate and empower you with tools for success. As a certified Innovation Growth Coach, a level two Family Business Advisor, and an accredited trust facilitator, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and business experience on the topics of efficiency, innovation, leadership, trust, team building, customer interaction, and value-added sales.

 For the past nine years Matthew has been using his entrepreneurial skills and business experience to help small businesses become more efficient, grow their operation, and increase profits. Matthew graduated with honors from the University of Wyoming in 2002 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering.  He started his own wireless internet service provider business in 2002 just as the wireless internet boom was developing.  Matthew was the owner and manager of this business for two years before he sold the wireless internet business and spun off to own a satellite TV installation business which he held for the next six years. 

Matthew’s most successful business venture was in 2005 when he purchased an ailing restaurant and turned it around within six months to tripling the gross income from the prior period.  While managing the restaurant, Matthew also purchased and managed a flower and gift shop.  From being the owner and manager of the restaurant, a flower shop, and satellite TV installation business, Matthew has learned firsthand the dedication and hard work it takes to be a small business owner. 

Matthew is a registered professional engineer in the state of Wyoming with seven years of experience in construction and design.  Matt lives in Gillette, Wyoming and most of all he enjoys his family and spending time in the outdoors.

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