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Value Added Selling


Course Goal: To help your team understand and implement the value added selling philosophy. Learn how to strategically and tactically set yourself apart from the competition as a value added salesman and organization.


Course Description:  Increase sales revenue by helping leadership, salesman, and customer service representatives understand how value added selling works and how to fully embrace the value added philosophy.  Learn how to develop and communicate your value added selling points and your value proposition to your customers.  Practice new techniques for selling on value, leveraging existing customers, moving the conversation away from price, and responding with price objections.  Satisfy your customers with a total value added solution not just a cheap price.    


Course Agenda:

  1. How to compete with value-added services

  2. Highlighting your value added selling points

  3. Creating your own value proposition

  4. Viewing selling as service

  5. Building high level professional relationships

  6. Leveraging existing customer relationships

  7. The consequence of being a price seller

  8. Enlarging the conversation beyond price

  9. Responding to price objections

  10. Implementing the value added philosophy in your organization

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