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Efficiency Training


Course Goal: To help businesses improve efficiency whether it is on the shop floor, out in the field, or in the office.  This course teaches how to grow your profits by increasing production while reducing downtime and inventory costs.


Course Description: Increasing flow and decreasing waste will help your organization realize real profitable growth.  This class helps individuals understand the basic manufacturing lean principles, how to identify waste, and the tools necessary to improve efficiency.  The class includes a hands-on simulation and exercises that provide a visual and physical understanding of the importance of efficiency in a business.


Course Agenda:

1.     Introduction to efficiency and lean principles

2.     Tools for implementing efficient processes

3.     How innovation improves efficiency

4.     Implementing efficiency in the workplace

5.     Workplace simulation

6.     Identifying “non-value added” time in your processes

7.     Improving your business processes and eliminating waste

8.     Introduction to a value stream map

9.     Developing a culture of efficiency

10.  Leading an efficiency team

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