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Intense Innovation


Course Goal: To help create a thriving culture of innovation within the organization and add value to your business. This course teaches personal innovation skills, innovative idea creation, and a process for implementation.


Course Description:  Business profitability and sustainability can be dramatically improved through innovation. This class helps individuals identify and develop innovation skills, create new ideas for products and processes, explore the “Plan Do Study Act” cycle, and develop an action plan for moving forward.  This course teaches employees, managers and business owners how a culture of innovation can benefit their business. The class includes a hands-on simulation and exercises that provide a visual and physical understanding of the importance of innovation in a business.


Course Agenda:

  1. Introduction to innovation

  2. Develop and improve personal innovation skills

  3. Improving efficiency with innovation

  4. Gain confidence in your ability to create ideas for products and processes

  5. Develop new ideas

  6. Establish an idea pipeline for growth opportunities

  7. Learn the “plan do study act” cycle

  8. Overcome fear of failure

  9. Practice with hands-on exercises

  10. Create a system of innovation and an action plan

  11. Learn how to lead an innovation team

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