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Trust: A Learnable Leadership Skill

Course Goal: To help individuals identify and address trust gaps in their personal credibility and in their work relationships.


Course Description: Trust affects everyone in an organization. When trust is low individuals are suspicious and business slows down.  Productivity and profits are dramatically adversely affected. When trust is high, communication, creativity, employee engagement and overall enjoyment increase. Productivity increases. In this session you will learn how to increase your trust by developing your own personal credibility as well as identify and learn the behaviors that demonstrate high trust.  


Course Agenda:

  • Identify how trust is a learnable skill.

  • Help identify the difference between trust taxes and trust dividends.

  • How does trust affect my business relationships?

  • How does trust affect my leadership?

  • How trust can change the speed of business.

  • Discuss in detail the thirteen behaviors of high-trust leaders.

  • Practice communicating – transparently, respectfully, and directly.

  • Identify how to extend appropriate levels of trust.

  • Help individuals model trust through character and competency

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